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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Quickly Compose and Send Gmail Emails

How to Quickly Compose and Send Gmail Emails
How to Compose and send emails form your Google Mail account just in two steps.Here is the best of Gmail Shortcut ever. Everyone finds quite difficult task to get ready for sending an email from your Gmail. Every Gmail user has to go to gmail.com / mail.google.com and wait till the inbox comes the click compose... so and so 3 or 4 steps. So here is a shortcut to compose and send Email from your gmail just in two steps.
Its simple and easiest way to compose a Gmail email.

Follow the steps:
  • Go to Browser address bar
  • Type  mailto:  command and hit Enter key
  • Now directly your compose box appears
  • Fill and Hit Send thatz it
  • Refer the Below Gif Video Tutorial
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How to Quickly Compose and Send Gmail Emails

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