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Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Software to track Internet Data Usage: DU Meter

Best Software to calculate Internet Data Usage: DU Meter

How to track/get Internet data Usage details right from your desktop instantly.
Data Usage is important part of the Internet connection , your service provider charges based on your data usage. But in few cases there are unlimited plans still there too data usages is important.
The automated system of your services provider instantly monitors your Data usage and even some of the service providers make that details available in their official server based on user ID.

But there are many softwares which helps to track/ monitor internet data usage with different option like daily/monthly/weekly etc.

Here I'm introducing a Data Usage tracking software called 'DU Meter', which i choosed as the best after reviewing about 10 such softwares, based on - ease of access, advanced controls,options etc

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DU Meter
DU Meter is an Internet usage monitor for your computer.
It shows real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts
based on your downloads and uploads

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  • Shows Internet speed and data usage in windows taskbar
  • Graph reports or downloads & Uploads.
  • Can apply monthly limit to get notified about the limit of Usage, % of monthly limit is also available.
  • Hourly,daily,weekly reports
  • Stop-Watch
  • Sound Alerts
  • Network connection Details.
  • Internet Data Bill can be calculated by providing accurate billing values.
Best Software to calculate Internet Data Usage: DU Meter

DU Meter is developed by HAGEL Technologies Limited.
It's not a freeware, Demo version is made available for having a test run in your PC.

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