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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally Facebook too to the world of clickable #hashtags

Finally Facebook too to the world of clickable #hashtags

Facebook officially announces about the introduction of new connecting feature hash tag which is popularly used in other social medias like Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus , Tumblr ,Instagram etc.

Facebook says this # tag introduction is just a beginning part of the upcoming great advanced connecting features in conversations.
Facebook announces from today, hashtags will be automatically turned to be clickable links all over their network, hence make the conversation more wider.
By the use of hash tag in posts and comments users can connect their posts or comments to awider discussion related to the subject of the corresponding hash tag word.

Finally Facebook too to the world of clickable #hashtags
Every day millions on facebook are sharing their thoughts and moments related to certain subject on facebook , now by the introduction of hash tags, these thoughts and moments gets connected more wider.
Hash tag greatly helps to amplify the viewers and helps better for advertising purposes.

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