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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Use Latest Facebook # Hashtags ?

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook ..?

Recently we discussed in detail about the annoucement on hashtag introduction by Faceboook on a press meet.
Now facebook have made hashtags working for every user , and here is is the tutorial How to use Hash tag on Facebook?

Nothing more to be done just place # infront of a subject/word/phrase as a prefix to link to it and thus amke the discussion more wider.

 Using Hash Tags on Status Updates/Posts

Prefix words or phrases with # ,
here i have created a post related to Champions Trophy Cricket , so I had given prefixed ChampionTrophy with # tag
Now #ChampionTrophy will look like below

  • Now after posting #ChampionTrophy will be a link to wider discussion on that subject

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook ..?

  • Here is the related wider Discussion Page of #ChampionTrophy
 How to Use Hashtags on Facebook ..?

Using Hash tags on Comments

Hash tag can be used in Comments of facebook as same as that we done in posting, which is discussed above

Here as an example my friends posts about #ChampionTrophy match
so I comments #ChampionTrophy

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook ..?

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