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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Most Searched KeyWords on Google in the days of 2013

Most Searched KeyWords on Google in the days of  2013

What is most search on Google in 2013.....?
Every Internet user first Consult Google with their queries or Keywords for finding a solution for their problems.
Google Zeitgeist is a Google product : Collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. There used to be weekly, monthly and yearly lists, and topic and country specific lists.

Google Zeitgeist has recently released the summary of search queries Google received from different parts of the world in whole year 2013.

The latest 2013 update of Google Zeitgeist has a well designed user interface of a Globe to access almost all cities of the world and find the search queries Google received from that specific city on a specific day of 2013.

Most Searched KeyWords on Google in the days of  2013

Presently Google Zeitgeist 2013 displays top 5 search queries from Google received from January 1 2013 to November 11 2013.

Find Out the Google Search queries trends of 2013 here...Google Zeitgeist 2013

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