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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Features of Appy Pie App Builder and their benefits

Features of Appy Pie App Builder and their benefits

Appy Pie is a #1 Cloud based DIY Mobile App Builder or App Creation Software which helps every common man to build their Mobile Apps without any programming skills. It helps to make an App for Windows 8 Phone, Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones as well as to publish it on Google Play & iTunes.

Features of Appy Pie App Builder

Apply Pie has amazing features for App Building , Publishing on App stores , Share it to Social networks , Monetizing with Ads etc.

Some of the brilliant features of Appy Pie App Builder are:
  • It has an amazing user friendly Interface
Appy Pie’s App Maker helps to Build an App in Minutes
  • No Coding/ Programming Skills Required. 
Just Drag & Drop is enough, which lets users to Build App in minutes
Usually an App Builder should know Programming to build their Apps , but for beginners who are not interested in coding its difficult to learn and build their app, So Appy Pie App builder is greatly a boon for all who are not interested in coding to build their app on all OS platforms.
  • Built Apps can be published on top App Stores, Google Play & iTunes.
Appy Pie not only lets to build an App but also helps to easily Publish it to all top App stores thus to get maximum installs and App users.
  • App Revisions/Updates are Real Time.
Apps Build with Appy Pie App maker could be revised any time and Updates can be provided.
  • Apps Built with Appy Pie can be easily Monetized with Ads.
Built Apps can be easily monetized with Ads , and easily earn with the App.
  • Send Push Notifications
Apps are are capable of Sending Push notification regarding anything to the user.
  • Passbook Coupons for iOS6 & 7
  •  GPS Location Tracking
App users location tracking is possible using GPS Location Tracking which helps to setup Apps which works based on users location.

  • Social Profile Intergration 
Social Profile Integration is made easy to connect networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Which helps to build a better connection with the users or customers.
  • Photo Gallery Integration
Photo Gallery Integration is available to integrate Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Custom
  •  Pocket tools: GPS Location Tracker, Camera, Mortgage Calculator
Build Apps which need to make use of  GPS Location Tracker, Camera, Mortgage Calculator.
  •  Student Tools: 
Educational Apps can make use of educational resources like Dictionary, Khan Academy
  •  Restaurant Tools Integration: Menu builder, OpenTable, GrubHub
Restaurant owners can easily setup their own apps with Menu builder, Opentable, Grubhub
  •  Blog Integration: WordPress, Blogger, Feedburner
Blogger can make use of Appy pie App Maker for Building an app of their Blog for their readers. The app creators makes easy to integrates Blogs running in WordPress , Bloggers Platforms etc.
  •  App Analytics
 Appy Pie Offers App publishers  to get real-time App Analytics, which helps the owner to track the traffic analytics of their App.
  • Audio & Radio Integration
 Soundcloud, Beatport, Shoutcast can be easily integrated with the apps.
Which helps to introduce features of Soundcloud, Beatport, Shoutcast to the Apps.
  • Best Contact Features 
Appy Pie offers best contact features like One Touch Call, QR Code, Website Integration. For building better communication solution between the owner and users thus gratly reduce the communication gap.
  • Appointment Scheduler for Doctors, Dentists, Salons, Spas.
App Builder offers a feature called appointment Scheduler which hells doctors Dentista , Salon etc to build their app for scheduling appointments, which helps the customers easily to get an appointment directly from the app.

  • Code Page 
Other than the default features provided by App Builder , Custom features can be added using  custom codes, embed iframes. etc
The code pages gives a solution for this.
  • Share App with Friends.
 Its easy to share the Built Apps with friends thus can boost the number of App users easily.

 Appy Pie ProvideMobile Application development services in the following categories:

Features of Appy Pie App Builder and their benefits

Final Words

Appy Pie is always the best blessing for everyone to build their app for their own purposes it can be business , personal etc with just drad and drop mechanism , no programming skill required.
Every one can find the ease with this best User friendly App Builder by just having a try at http://www.appypie.com/
Experience the best and easy App Building ever. 

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