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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Create Contact Form or Page for Blogger Blog

Just Learn Contact page creation with demos.Contact page is one of the basic requirement of a blog.
It is very necessary for having a good interaction between the author and the visitor.
Blogger doesn't provide a contact page widget , so we have to depend on third parties for creating contact pages. Here I'm listing simple and easy ways to create contact page.
Just Learn Contact page creation with demos.

  • Whenever one of your visitor fills the contact form, the data will be forwarded to your email.
  • Thus from there you can give reply to the visitors queries.
Process tips:
  • Give the proper email id.
  • Design with necessary requirements of a for by viewing the demo.

Top contact form/page creating sites: 
=>  Foxyform
 Foxyform helps to crate simple contact form, with basic requirements
 Its very easy to create as compared to other.

Just view a demo:

=> JotForm
Jotform is quite different from foxyform , Jotform highlights design and css properties, its easy to create with their oen official contact page bulider.
Just view a demo:

Another is "Google Docs" its is long process and not very easy as the above too, you need tutorials to make a contact form eith docs, if you like docs contact form by viewing the demo , you can try it too.

Just view a demo:   

        G-DOCS DEMO


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