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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zurker - Social network where users are the Share holders

free invitation to join zurker -- http://www.zurker.in/i-147678-captedmjwqZurker - the latest social network with a new idea.....!
Join today and become a share holder of zurker.
Free zurker shareholder invitation for you.
Here the users are the share holders and users can earn with their shares on the network.

Hurry signup and become a share holder and an owner and start your earning.
Zurker is the new social network from the hands of  Winklevoss twins,
You may Know about the twin brothers-Winklevoss,
Facebook ceo and founder Mark Zuckerberg has stolen the idea of facebook from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001
Later on the Winklevoss twins Sued FB and got 65 million dollar in 2007.
In 2009 they started a new project - "ZURKER" and launched the beta version in dec 2011.

free invitation to join zurker -- http://www.zurker.in/i-147678-captedmjwqCurrently there are thousands of members joining this web site in UK alone per day..
Totally free , new features than facebook and g+.....
Join today and become share holder now from your country
Note: Dont use different country ip to join.-- because as beta it is limited to 7 country only........... India n US ppl can create their account ..

Specified feature:

free invitation to join zurker -- http://www.zurker.in/i-147678-captedmjwqFacebook worth 50 billion today but its users getting 0% ....... so this new idea is invoked by the twin... And its really Good!!

Lots of new features are available just one click to go....

Don't waste your time and profit by using facebook and all,
join zurker here and save your time,hardwork and gain money

free invitation to join zurker -- http://www.zurker.in/i-147678-captedmjwq     I Have joined Now...

   I'm giving you a free invitation to be a share holder
 Your invitation is here..!

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