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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to schedule posts in facebook fan pages

www.infoexpo.in Facebook pages plays a major role in the interaction between users and service providers, so daily status updating has a great advantage in building up this interaction. Many of the cases the group admins fail to status update regularly due to lack of time or busy with something else. So this affects the interactions , so in order to avoid this problem  Facebook have introduced a new feature in status updating updates , i.e by scheduling the status updates.
Admins can schedule status updates which is to be status updated in the coming days ,  presently  status updates can be even scheduled up to 1 year.

What actually scheduling  status updates means…

It is creating status updates earlier and saving it along with date and time on which you want it to be status updated in your group.
For example I will not able to check Facebook on this New Year 2013 jan 1 because of some other functions,  so today I create a new status update with new year wishes for my group viewers and schedule the date as Jan 1 2013 time: 00:00 and save it now. The status update will be automatically status updated on  Jan 1 2013 time: 01:00 AM by Facebook,  I don’t want to bother about new year wishes to my group fans on that day,everything will be finely done facebook. Thatzz it

How to schedule a status update in facebook…

  • First Enter the status update in your fan group status columnBefore clicking share button you have to do few  steps
  • Just after entering status click on the scheduling button( on the left bottom of status column, refer the image below)
  • Now an option Add Year will be available for you,
  • Click add year, select the yearn when you want to status update (eg;2013) 
  • Just select a month , Select date & time
  • Click on Schedule option..
  • Now your are done , a new dialog box 
You status update will be automatically status updated on the date and time you  had saved.


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