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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Important Tips before Applying for BuySellAds Publisher Account

Important Tips before Applying for BuySellAds Publisher Account

Basic requirements for getting publisher account approval from BuySellAds Ad network. BuySellAds is one of the best alternative for Adsense. BuySellAds just act as a middle man in buying ans selling ads and costs 25% of the transaction as their fees. So if your does ad selling of 100, 75 is for you and 25 is for BuySellAds.
It is good to be a part of this fastly growing ad network.
BuySellAds takes about 3-5 days to respond to you application of ad publishing.
BuySellAds provides text link ads , text-Image ads, Rss feed ads, Tweet ads.

Its not easy for a new blog to get approved by BuySellAds, So you must have a blog which is alive for months. In case new blogs with professional look and unique contents gets approved easily.

So of the basic requirements for getting approved for BuySellAds are given belows , follow those tips if your are planning to apply for BuySellAds.

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Requirements for getting Approved:

  • Daily updated Blog
  • Neat and clean or attractive design, with a professional look
  • Unique and fresh contents on your site
  • You site should have more than 100K impressions
  • No illegal content on your site
  • Site Must be in English

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Note: If you BuySellAds application is rejected then you would not be able to apply BuySellAds for next 30 days for the Same website.
I.e. BuySellAds gives 30 days for making necessary changes for your website as per the policies of BuySellAds to get approved, and you can freshly apply absolutely after 30 days from the day your website rejection.

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