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Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Find Movie Subtitles over Google Search

How to Find Movie Subtitles over Google Search
Movie Subtitles are widely available over the internet but its quite difficult to reach to the real file destination which we want to reach. Subtitles are available in different languages of the world , generally English Subtitles are mostly available. While Searching for a subtitle in the common way we reach to websites where we could download the full movie with subtitle , there we fails to get the subtitle as single from the whole movie files.

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Every Files of our Computer has its own Format, the subtitles too have its own format with extension .srt
So as a common tip about Google Search is that we can easily find files with file name post-fixed with its file extenstion eg: I want MP3 audio of Titanic  ,, then I have to Search Titanic.mp3

Likewise Use the same trick over google search to find your Subtitle file too

  •  So the Searching syntax is:

Replace moviename  with the movie subtitle you need.

That is if you need Titanic movie subtitle then Search:  Titanic.srt

Thats it...it will generates search results related to Titanic subtitles in all languages and Displays best results in the First pages of Search Results.

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