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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Facts Led Way to Nokia Trojan Horse Theory

Facts Led Way to Nokia Trojan Horse Theory

Microsoft's Victory over Nokia for a Cheaper Price led to Nokia Trojan Horse Theory. Fans and users of Nokia all over the world had not given positive response towards the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft for a cheaper price even compared to that Microsoft had paid to make Skype their own.

According to Trojan Horse Theory – "Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop was Trojan Horse planted inside Nokia by Microsoft to destroy the company and buy it out at a cheaper price than a few years ago".

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Some Facts which led for the derivation of this Trojan Horse Theory

  • Nokia was World’s #1 mobile manufacturer when Elop joined as the CEO.Nokia was selling 10 millions smartphones a month which was twice as compared to other manufactures. At that time Samsung was far behind, who is the #1 manufacturer today.

Soon after the installation, the Trojan Started the work. 

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If Someone else was instead of Elop , definitely Nokia would adopt Android as their OS and would become the #1 Smartphone Company today and could dominate the smartphone world.

Facts Led Way to Nokia Trojan Horse Theory

The Worlds most valuable trusted brand Nokia with best ever loved hardware ever was pulled down by these crucial activities of Elop, which led a way for Microsoft to pick up Nokia just for $7.2 billion.

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