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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Get Free Invitation to Join Google Inbox by Gmail

Get Free Invitation to Join Google Inbox by Gmail
Inbox is new creation by Gmail built purely based on what Google Gmail learned from their experience in serving the email platform for the users.
Inbox comes with advance feature of filtering mails based on their priority and type or how important it is for the user.
Features of Inbox
  • Promotion mails are neatly organised
  • Purchases are in one place
  • All trips are together
  • Users can create custom bundles for oraganising or categorizing mails in the INBOX
  • Users can see order updates, reservation details, flight status and pictures without having to open the message.
  • User can get their things done with remainders
Every Gmail users can get an invitation to join Inbox just mailing a request for invitation to Google.
Send an email to [email protected]  to request your invitation
      To:         [email protected]

      Subject:  Invitation

      Body:     Hello,             
                   Kindly send me an invitation to join Inbox.        

Instantly you will get a confirmation mail, that we will send Invitation soon.
And you will be sent the invitation to join Inbox soon.

If u want to get an invitation from Us
Kindly add ur mail below:

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