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Monday, April 20, 2015

Google's Find my phone Security feature for Android Smartphones Overview and Review

Google's Find my phone Overview and Review, pros and cons of Find my phone feature, how to use Find my phone full tutorial english
Google introduced a new feature in the Android Device Manager called 'Find my phone'. Every Android smartphone users can make use of this feature to track or locate and control the lost smartphone thus find the smartphone. Here is the full tutorial on how to use Google's Find my phone security feature and review on its pros and cons.
How it works?
Every Android users can use this feature which works with the help of their Google account.
  • Open google.com on your computer
  • Search "Find My phone"
  • Sign in to your google account
  • You can see the location of your smartphone on Google maps
  • Also you can find options to control the smartphone remotely
  • Ring the smartphone with max. volume (even in silent mode)
  • Create new password lock 
  • Erase Internal Storage Data

Watch the Video tutorial on how to use:

  • Useful to find misplaced smartphones at homes,offices etc'
  • Ring up and find smartphone even in silent mode
  • Tack on Smartphone position Google Map
  • Need data connection for the working
  • Wont's be helpful if smartphone is stolen
 Google's Find my phone Overview and Review, pros and cons of Find my phone feature, how to use Find my phone full tutorial english, how to track any android smartphone on google maps, remotely control smartphones trick by google account.

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