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Monday, January 11, 2021

Is new WhatsApp privacy policy really a threat?

 Whatsapp has put forwarded a new updation in its privacy policy. There were many rumors regarding the whatsapp's new privacy policy by WhatsApp users alleging leak of their private messages with family and friends.

Now, Whatsapp came with the clarification that the revised privacy policy does not affect the private messages of its users but it will share data related to how you interact with businesses on its app.

WhatsApp has shared a  list of information which is NOT shared with Facebook:

  • WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or hear your calls and neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp does keep logs of who everyone is messaging or calling.
  • WhatsApp cannot see your shared location and neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp groups remains private.
  • You can set your messages to disappear.
  • You can download your data.

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