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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Avoid Burdening of eyes while using computer for hours

www.infoexpo.in --Avoid Burdening of eyes while using computer for hours

Every user starts using their PC with lots of expectations about the things to be done,  on engaging with the duty of transition of these things to realistic everyone forgets the rapid movement of time.
So most users spend lots of hours in front of their  PC without taking any breaks, this  negatively affects your eyes because of the rapid transitions of dim and bright lights from your monitor, which cause feel of eye burden or eye irritation after a few hours.
So here we are introducing a new software to protect your eyes while using PC.This could be a new information for you.

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An amazing software is named F.lux presented steriopsis by that makes the lighting of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, like sunlight during the day.
F.lux automatically controls the lighting of your computer's display according to your daylight, by calculating time of sunset and sunrise , the software changes to different derivatives of bright and dark lights. 

Now you may be curious to know about the working of the software

The working is not by GPS  or other networking , but by the detection of daylight(sunlight) availability of your native place. This Software traces the daylight availability of your place by referring to latitude and longitude  of your location.Thus it calculate time of sunset and sunrise and control the brightness of your screen.
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After downloading and installing F.lux you can find it on the bottom right corner of your desktop,
You can access by clicking on its icon,

www.infoexpo.in Avoid Burdening of eyes while using computer for hours

  • In Change Settings you can configure you location, which can be done online by finding your latitude and longitude  by zipcode. 
Or else you can set your locate by changing the time of sunset,For eg, sunset  1 hour ago etc..

www.infoexpo.in  Avoid Burdening of eyes while using computer for hours

If you are in any color sensitive work the you can use the option Disable F.lux for an hour.

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