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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Access facebook from banned areas of Offices,Schools

Access facebook from banned areas- Offices,SchoolsNew trick to access facebook from restricted areas of offices,schools,colleges etc. Its a simple method of accessing by making change in url of facebook.
Its generally based on secure facebook connection access.
Facebook had become so familiar all around the world, by its various new facilities on networking.

But at the same time facebook had become a burden for someone else.. Whose that some one else ...,? Itz none other than the authorities of different companies, offices and schools. Since every one is busy with facebook during their working hours which adversely affects the works they do. So most of the companies and institutions had banned or restricted facebook access from their official servers.
So most of the facebook users are facing difficulty due to this restriction,
InfoExpo is now here with a soution for this problem, this trick may work with most of the servers , incase a few it won't work
there is nothing loss for just having a try...

Its a simple thing to be done on facebook access url,
i.e usually your browser does not use secure connection for getting access to trusted servers, but i few situations the browser automatically turns secure connections on.
Non secure connection uses http and secure connection uses https
eg: http://www.facebook.com   ==>  non secure
    https://www.facebook.com   ==>  secure
Sites with high security uses https , in banking sites,traction based sites etc
Based on the above things this trick works.

So what you have to do for accessing facebook is use secure connection for connecting to server

ie , use https://www.facebook.com to login and browse facebook,
 instead of http://www.facebook.com

Access facebook from banned areas- Offices,Schools
Thatz all, you want to use https which allows you to connect to facebook.

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