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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Domain names or url to access Facebook

Domain names to acess facebookToday facebook is No.1 position holder among the social networking sites, with millions of users and Alexa rank among social networks. So its facebook team's responsibility to keep up their users forever. Domain names always plays a major role in building great traffic. So facebook technical team too had that idea to build and keep up a better traffic. Facebook has been acquiring most user friendly,simple and convenient domain names.

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Facebook has 955 million users (active june 2012)
www.fb.me and www.facebook.com were the primary domain names of facebook.

  • www.Facebook.com - Facebook become the real facebook after the purchase of www.facebook.com in 2005 , company had paid $200,000 in August 2005 to acquire this domain name.
  • www.thefacebook.com - is another redirecting url to facebook.
Later on for user convenience facebook started acquiring best and simple domain names, some of those are:
  • www.fb.com - Facebook acquired www.fb.com from American Farm Bureau Federation for $8.5 million, which was more than 42 times of the amount the company had paid for www.Facebook.com
  • www.face.com - It is being said that facebook had purchased face.com for an undisclosed price from the owning company of face.com
Facebook had purchased lots of other domains which begin with fb .

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