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Monday, December 24, 2012

Access hidden amazing international wallpapers,themes on Windows 7 OS


Microsoft had maximized the users of windows 7 by various techniques which had altered Win XP to down. Windows 7 came with amazing wallpapers and animations , these are quiet greatly attractive by its beauty. Most of the users are really enjoying these wallpapers and animations on their home-screen,  unknowingly that there are more such attractive wallpapers on which they have no direct access.
That’s a great truth to be revealed…
Windows installs lots of wallpapers and pics of international wonders in your PC, but at the same time windows limits the visibility of those wallpapers based on your choice of  language ,time and currency
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As an example if  you choose English(USA) while installing win7, the available desktop wallpapers will include locations and scenaries in United States then wallpapers related to Canada ,Australia,UK etc gets hidden.

So here is a trick to access those attractive  related to Canada ,Australia,UK etc ;..i.e
  • In the search box in Stat menu ; just type
  • C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT  
Note: use appropriate drive letters like C/D/F/E  etc.. as in which your windows 7 OS has been installed,  here I had used  ‘ C ‘ since I had installed windows OS in ‘C’ drive
  • And hit enter..
  • Now a new folders opens which may contains about 5 folders like
Folder MCT-AU contains locations and scenaries in Australia,
Folder MCT-CA contains locations and scenaries in Canada,
Folder MCT-GB contains locations and scenaries in UK,
Folder MCT- contains locations and scenaries in United States,
Folder MCT-ZA contains locations and scenaries in South Africa

  • Open those folders to find pictures,theme. 
Now use any of those wallpapers, you can set a your desktop background by right clicking on any wall papers. Also use the country based theme by opening the windows theme file in the folder,which is inside the above listed MCT-AU, MCT-CA, MCT-GB, MCT-US, MCT-ZA folders.
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