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Friday, December 14, 2012

Copy media from protected CD/DVD using VLC Player

www.infoexpo.in   Copy media from protected CD/DVD using VLC Player

Another new use with VLC Media player has been found by InfoExpo technical team. As we had earlier stated VLC as one of the best media players by listing its advanced facilities, now we came with advanced copy technology by the utility of old VLC record features.This tutorials makes you known how to crack or rip a video cd/dvd using the VLC media player. The trick works by manipulating VLC simple functions amazingly, just try it out...!

Today due to advancement in CD/DVD writing technologies , copying had become a difficult task since most of the new technologies are copy protection based. So media cd's as well as data had become unable to copy.
So here is a new trick to copy a media cd using VLC player.

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This trick works on the base of media record feature in VLC player.
Important condition for the working of this is nothing but that the media file should be able to be executed in VLC player, i.e song or video file in the copy protected media cd should be able to be played with VLC player.

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......Steps to be followed......

  • Step 1: Play the media file in VLC player
Thus your media file can be recorded to your pc hardisk are mpeg file.
You are done ...now you can use that media file,it can be copied or transferred to anywhere.

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