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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Extract datas from any CD/DVD image files

www.infoexpo.in   Extract datas from any CD/DVD image files
To get an identical copy of any master CD/DVD, we use to take image files of the master CD/DVD and burn it into a new blank CD/DVD. Taking image file have more advantage than copying  cd to pc and then to a blank disk. But no CD writing software allows us to explore any image files.
So here is a new trick to extract all datas/files in any cd image files.

CD/DVD images files are those which have extension .iso .img .bin etc
Cd image files cannot be extracted with Win-rar or Win-zip, those basic compression softwares doesn't support all types of CD image files.

So here is  a software names 7-Zip which is able to extract any CD image files.

Follow the below instructions to extract and CD/DVD image file using 7-Zip
  • Download and install 7-Zip extracting software
  • Get 7-Zip software from our file search engine
  • Right click on the CD/DVD image file which you need  to extract
  • Select 7-zip option
  • Now select Extract or Extract here options
  • Extract option helps to extract the files to any location you want.
  • Extract here option extract the files to the same location where the image file is stored.
www.infoexpo.in   Extract datas from any CD/DVD image files
Extraction time varies as per the file size.

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