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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Basic requirements of a blogger blog in 2013

Basic requirements of a blogger blog in 2013
Many of the people are planning to begin their blogging carrier in 2013. Majority of these choose blogger for getting a startup in this field. Blogger just provides a template for your blog, but the contents of your blog should be customized by the author/designer of the blog. Every blogger blog should require some basic things . Even though whatever be the content of your blog , in order to build good traffic and Rank these are the necessary things.

Domain Name for you blog

Domain names really shows the identity of you blog.
Domain names are  example.com , google .com ,  infoexpo.in etc
It is the most necessary thing for your blog in order to build good traffic/readers for your blog.
You have to pay small amount for purchasing a domain name.
We suggest the best domain registration company BIGROCK  for getting domain names at cheapest prices, your use the discount coupen to get 50% , 25% discount in the rates of domain names.

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Site Map is another basic requirement of a blog.
Site Map contains all the post and page links of your blog, at a glance , which helps your visitors  to find best contents.
It also play a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It brings great traffic for your blog.

You can read Create a sitemap of your blogger blog  post to know how to create a sitemap of your blog.

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Contact page for your blog.

Contact page is another common requirement of every blog,
Your blog too requires a good contact page in order to develop good relationship with your readers.
Read Create a contact page for your blogger blog to know how to create a contact page for your blog.

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