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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fast & Easy relief from Virus on Windows OS

Increase speed of the system with user accounts.  Speed up windows 7 by a small trick. Increase speed of the system with user accounts.
Speed up windows 7 by a small trick.
Boost the multitasking speed and providing a new look to your OS.
It very easily to have a virus infection your PC but it quite difficult to cure it.Infection and spreading of all type of virus are rapid and which simultaneous multiply datas and thus destroy everything.
Lots of antivirus makes you secure from virus but you have to pay for a better security.
Especially in windows, the world widely used OS, the viruses directly affects the main software files.
So here I'm with my latest trick for a fast and easy relief from viruses.
It's nothing but the use of  User accounts, viruses directly infects the files of user accounts first, i.e the user documents and desktop files,start menu ... so there is no other way to cure this infection cased to the present user account.

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By creating a new user account you can get a refreshed OS with great speed and rapid multitasking.
Especially in windows 7 , after the use of internet,usb, lot of software etc the system gets slows down, thus by trying on a new user account the speed can be restored.

How to create new user account:
  • First go to control panel in start menu
  • Select user accounts
  • Select create a new account
  • Enter name and password
  • Select the permission - whether administrater/standard user
  • Save it

How to access the new user account

  • On start menu click on log off user
  • Now preset account will be turned off 
  • Now you can see the new user account option
  • Switch to  it by clicking on it.
  • Thatz it..... the new account is ready
Have a fast and good experience on the new account.

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