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Monday, May 21, 2012

Working technology in touch screens

Touch screen works by Capacitive Sensing Technology.
This is one of the most widely used techniques for touch screens.
It is used in devices like  computer monitors, mobile phone displays,MP3 players etc
Capacitive Sensing Technology technology is based on the capacitor coupling effects.
  • Infrared Key Boards
Advantages of Capacitive Sensing Technology:
  • Detection of the correct spot at a shot span of time.
  • Cheap production cost.
  • A very unique device-human interface.
  • Multiple touch sensing.
  • Gesture based touch screens
  • It can transmit to a maximum of 90% of the light from the monitor.
Due to these advantages it is widely used.
better vision can be obtained from these screens due to its good light transmission.
Apple i-Pod click wheel is one of the popular gadgets using this technology.

It's Working: 

A glass panel is arranged on top of which a layer that is able to store electrical charge is kept.When the screenis touched by the user the charge begins to move from the layer to our body.This decrease in the charge on the conductive layer is measured with the help of electronic circuits which are placed inside the monitor. As the electronic circuits are placed on each corner of the monitor the difference in charge attained at each corner is calculated by the computer and the exact position of the touch is obtained. This information is then passed on to the touch-screen driver software.

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