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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review on Nokia S40 java phones

Nokia S40 phones are simpler phones compared to Nokia s60 and windows phones.
S40 phones are cheaply available worldwide.
It is the worlds most widely used mobile phone platforms, Nokia has millions of users in S40 platform.
Nokia s40 operating system is under java Platform.
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As a review Nokia has announced on January 25th 2012 ,that the company had sold over 1.5 billion devices in s40 platform.

Advantages of s40:
  • s40 supports JavaMIDlets
  • User Interface is more responsive and faster than all other nokia phone platforms.
  • Virus free than all other platforms and most secure.
  • Cheap availability and costs.
  • Its cost meets to the common people's financial backgrounds.
One of the major negative of s40 is ; it doesn't support multitasking.
Else everything is fine which meets the need of common people like Cool internet surfing,OTA text messaging, instant messenger and it goes so on.

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