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Friday, May 4, 2012

Colours in Facebook design

full Colour details in Facebook design Lot of changes had made to Facebook webpage by its designers in the previous years, but one thing that facebook designers has maintained till now is the blue color in facebook.
As latest, green colour appeared in fb design.
facebook had accepted blue as their domain color. 
 Facebook uses a blue colour of html colour code #3B5998  since its beginning.
In every popups,chat,messages etc of blue colour.

full Colour details in Facebook design  The reason behind the maintainance of this blue colour is:

The young facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color blind but can see blue.
Mark Zuckerberg was red green colour blind so for him blue is the best and richest colour and he said he can see all of blue.
A few weeks before a green colour slightly appeared in facebook’s design 
You too can now find it on options with photos like “more, next” etc these colors appears as  analog to make the user informed that the next photo has already been loaded by the browser and only just a click needed to view it.

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