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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unlock Huawei Idea Netsetter

Unlock Your Huawei Idea Netsetter easily tricksUnlock Your Huawei Idea Netsetter, Idea Netsetter is currently available in 2g and 3g.
Here I going to say about unlocking  Huawei Idea Netsetter E1732.
Most of the people face the problem of network coverage in Netsetter so they think of unlocking Huawei Idea modem,

Then immediately they will search in net and they find lot of tutorials based on unlocking Huawei modem.

Unlock Your Huawei Idea Netsetter easily tricksSo here I am going to reveal the truth behind unlocking
Huawei Idea Netsetter 7.2 mbps can’t be easily unlocked using the tutorials available in internet other modems less than 7.2mpbs may be done.

For perfect  unlock of  7.2 mbps modem you need a spiderbox and credits. For doing that its better to go near by computer service centers and they will do it safely without any damage to modem, you may have to pay about 300 to 500 rupees.

Unlock Your Huawei Idea Netsetter easily tricksUnlock Your Huawei Idea Netsetter easily tricks

By unlocking this way you can use any sim in the modem and can use and net/data cards.
eg: Rs.14,Rs.7,Rs.97 etc – any plans provided by your network.
You will get 250-350 kpbs speed in 2g and upto 7.2 mpbs in 3g network.

Else if you unlock by using the net tutorials beware that your netsetter 7.2mpbs speed will bee reverted to 252kpbs even in 3g thus it will be equal to a dialup connection, So no more use with that some times modem will be locked thereafter useless.

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