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Friday, May 25, 2012

First Successful recharge by mobile surveys

First Successful recharge by mobile surveysNow I'm sharing my first successful recharge that i had got by just doing mobile surveys from my phone.
I'm sharing this to make you more clear about text-eagle mobile surveys, and are not scam.
I had seen lot of free recharge sites and most are scam just cheating the users.
For your faith in text-eagle I am listing some snaps and evidences of my recharge here.
It's easy and simple way to earn money from mobile gprs.
In my earlier post i had mentioned about earning money from mobile recharges.
Here I'm leaving a review about it...
In had got 3 survey invitations by email and I had done these 3 surveys and earned RS.75/- (i.e 3*25=75)
And done the recharge of Rs.50 to my phone with that credit.

I think a at least a few of my users may have rejected thet one because they may had lot about free recharge giving sites and scams on it but by this post they may also understand text-eagle is not a scam like other sites.

I had recharged Rs.50 to my vodafone sim successfully....

 Balance after 3 surveys:

First Successful recharge by mobile surveys

Balance report after recharging Rs.50/-

First Successful recharge by mobile surveys

           Recharge message on i received on my phone:
RECHARGE SUCCESSFUL on 25-May-12 . Talktime Rs 41.5 .MRP Rs 50.0 .New balance is Rs 41.51 .Service Tax is Rs 5.5.Access Fee is Rs 3.0 .Trans ID is KR0002982215.
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