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Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Ultoo earning methods..

www.infoexpo.in -- More Ultoo earning methodsUltoo had conquered almost all Indian mobile users. Now Ultoo has millions of users, But out of these millions only a few know  how to earn maximum a day through Ultoo.
Majority don't know those easil earning methods . So here we are interested in making everyone bothered about all earning possibilities though ultoo.Everyone should read the full post to learn more earning methods.

Ultoo fast earning methods

   Earn by sending sms hacked api
     You can earn Rs.1  by just one click everyday. This trick works by hacked api ,  the server   automatically send 50 sms and each sms carrys 2 paisa to your account.
 Visit this link to go to 50 sms sender page

2 )  Earn by friend referring, usually you can earn Rs.1 per referal, you can get ultoo referal link from your own ultoo account--check invite page
  •  Now our technical group had hacked utoo referal link , we had created a new referal link gererator,  This generator is very useful which gives Rs.5 per referal, visit here for more details.
3) Earn by Ultoo polls, you can do polling through ultoo and earn RS.1 per poll

The above listed are ultoo earning hacks ...

Another trick which i follow is:

If you want to earn more money a day you can create many ultoo accounts with different mobile numbers of you family,friends etc and enter the details ultoo sms sender and earn Rs.1
If you have 10 ultoo accounts with different mobile numbers ,daily you can earn Rs.1 fromhere in each account, so that you can earn Rs.300/- talktime month with these accounts.

      Enjoy hacking ultoo and earning talktime.... ....

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