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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ultoo hacked referrer link generator.

www.infoexpo.in -- Ultoo hacked referrer link generator.After great ultoo research out technical team had developed new Ultoo referral link generator.This is the most useful tool for ultoo users to earn maximum.
Every one can use this generator to create a new referral link using their old refarrel link.This is a simple process,and easily new referal link can be generated.The new generated link can even increase your ultoo earnings by Rs.5 per referral.

How to use this link generator?
  1. In the generator , enter your ultoo referrer link which is presently avilable in you ultoo account.,orcopy pase that link in the coloumn.
  2. Click on generate new link button .
  3. Now the new hacked referrer linkwill begenerated.
  4. You can copy that link and distribute to your friends, for signing up to ultoo, you can also share thatlink to facebook, twitter etc..
  5. The hacked link may even give Rs.5per refferal.

Ultoo hacked referrer link generator

  Step 1: Enter your present ultoo referrer link
 Step 2: Click generate new link button         

  Enter your present referal link:


      Enjoy hacking ultoo and earning talktime.... ....

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