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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get back deleted files from Pendrives and other USBs

Get back deleted files from Pendrives and other USBs  www.infoexpo.in

Pendrives and USB flash drives are very common among computer users today. Actually there resources for data transfer had became a part of out daily life in this technologically developing world.As the number of usb drives varieties are increasing every day, the number of USB related softwares too increasing in the same mode. So there are lots of useful softwares which can be used for the USB related techniques.
One of the most problem USB users face is  permanent loss of data just in one delete. Here in the case of USB data the Recycle Bin doesn’t function, thus one single delete cause the permanent deletion of data, and it can’t be recovered direction.
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So here is a perfect solution for this problem, we are introducing a new USB related software which allows you to get back the permanently deleted data from your USB drive with ease of access to it.

The software named ‘ EASE US Data Recovery ’ allows you to recover the permanently deleted datas from pendrives,SD cards, all memory cards,hardisks etc.

The recovery of your lost data can be done within seconds.

  • So First you have to download and install in your computer EASE US Data Recovery software and for better use you have to purchase the license too. 
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Follow the steps to recover deleted datas of your USB
  • First insert your USB drive
  • Open/Launch EASE US Data Recovery software
You may have 3 options in the homepage of this software.
 in order to recover deleted files

Get back deleted files from Pendrives and other USBs  www.infoexpo.in
  • Just select Deleted file recovery option
  • Select Search all lost files automatically, then click next button
  • Now all your drives appear, select your USB drive and click next button
  • Now a message appear telling that you recovery scan has been finished.
  • Now You can see the list of files which you may have deleted
Now select the file you want to recover and also assign a place to recover those files.Thus the lost files can be recovered easily.

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