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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Run any software free for lifetime on your computer

www.infoexpo.in  Run any software free for lifetime on your computer

Most of the Computer users have a habit of  decreasing the system date and time for about many months or years. This not done just for fun but it has a secret behind it, i.e this process is done to reduce the expiry dates of trial versions of softwares in their PC.
Is this a good habit.......?
This activity has both positive as well as negative effects.

Lets see what are +ve in it:
  • Can run some low protected softwares for lifetime.
  • Can run trial software by continuos date change 
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The -ve effects are:
  • Cause major problem for internet access.
  • Advanced softwares can't be run with this trick
  • Many softwares can recover this trick.
  • Complete date problems to file,file creation etc.
So here are the solution for some -ve effects by use of another software RunAsDate.
RunAsDate is a software which helps us to run any software programme in your pc at any date you prefer.
The advantage of using this software is that, working of this software does no make any change in the system date/time, but it only changes date/time for the particular software you prefer to run in trial period.

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