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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is Twitter Status and how to access it?

What is Twitter Status and how to access it?   www.InfoExpo.in

Twitter has already conquered the worldwide internet , It has become more popular among Stalwarts of different categories in the world. These Stalwarts which include Billionaires,Stars,Legends,Celebraties etc. had made Twitter more popular among there fans and followers. So due to large traffic, Twitter developers may have to make enough changes and adjustments in spite of bugs and errors.

Twitter does n't make its changes secretly but everything is open for its beloved users through Twitter Status.
So here comes our topic “Twitter Status”  
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What is Twitter Status and how to access it?
Twitter Status is like a blog based on latest Changes in Twitter. By this the twitter users can be alerted about latest errors,bugs,security-alerts,API changes,or any other issues etc. It is powered by Tumblr. Every one can Tweet the latest Status too.

You can access Twitter Status by the subdomain:

Stay Updated with latest Twitter Statuses,

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