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Friday, May 3, 2013

Water resistant phones from Sony & Samsung

History of Water Resistant Phones   www.InfoExpo.in

Presently its AGE of Smart Phones, Multi-national mobile phone manufacturers are innovating new technologies to be introduced with their new models of smart phones.
Every new model of Smart-phone come with its on variety in its design and technology.Here I'm introducing few phones models which are made with a technology, i.e perfectly water resistant.

History of Water Resistant Phones

Earlier samsung had firstly introduced the technology of water resistant phones  through Samsung GT-B2710,

Samsung GT-B2710 is simple phone which came with the following features:
History of Water Resistant Phones   www.InfoExpo.in
  •     Waterproof & Dust Resistant (IP67 certified)
  •     Scratch & Shock Protector (Anti-scratch Screen)
  •     Large & Convex Keypad
  •     Digital Compass & Google Maps™
But it is not a smartphone,  it was introduced in 2011.

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Later in 2012 - 2013 the years of smartphone age, Sony had successfully introduced the technology of water resistance in many smartphone models like Sony Xperia acro S, Sony Xperia Z etc.
Among those Sony Xperia Z is the latest and worthiest smartphone model from Sony.
Sony had given out of lots of pics and ads to make everyone bothered that its perfectly water resist.

History of Water Resistant Phones   www.InfoExpo.inHistory of Water Resistant Phones   www.InfoExpo.in

History of Water Resistant Phones   www.InfoExpo.inBy the time samsung failed to release a water resistant smartphone,
But a good news Samsung too, coming with water-resistant smartphones like Galaxy Xcover 2 and the latest model of S-series i.e Galaxy S4 also to be upgraded with water-resistant technology.
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But Nokia who was once the King among mobile phone manufacturers had only introduces water resistant shells or covers.
It being heard that Nokia to try Nano coats in new  phone model for water resistivity.

Samsung Introduced new Water Resistant smart Phone on June 2013
Read about that Samsung Galaxy S4 Active -Water resistant Samsung


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