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Monday, September 30, 2013

Systematic Way to Find Any Mobile App Over Internet

Systematic Way to Find Any Mobile App Over Internet

Best Solutions for finding any mobile application for any mobile operating system.
Tricks and Tips to find Android Apps , Java Apps, Symbian Apps , Iphone Apps from internet. Online mobile Application softwares finding tricks and solutions.
Now we are living in the world which has been conqured by evolution of Mobile Phones. This evolutionary transitions are absolutely visible if we overview the life mobile users today.

Most of the people’s life is being controlled by Mobile apps, this doesn’t mean I am talking about an app that control a human, what I meant  is Mobile apps had conquered the life of humans , for most of the tasks and purposes we make use of our mobile apps.
Millions of Mobiles Apps are available for Millions of purposes over App stores specified for different Mobile Platforms.

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As we know a top level reached app developing company definitly may have his apps Programmed for Almost all Mobile OS Platforms.

For example in the case of an app Facebook ;
The developers of facebook had developed Facebook App for all top level Smartphones to even low level  Java Phones with limited connectivity.

Since the mobile apps are not universal, not same for all platforms
We have to find a unique version for our device from Internet.
This is sometimes quite a challenging task (if using a newly manufactured or not popular OS Platform); in which a big part of mobile users fails to gain their task, just because of their lack of experience over the web or due to spoon feed of apps by their App Store.

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So here I am going to explain a Systematic way developed by me from my past 6 years mobile Internet Experience - to find any mobile app.

Here are the Choices for you to reach the download server of your required app.

Option 1

This a the first Option any common man know that’s just use the spoon feed availability

i.e to find the App you need from your App Store

If you fail to Find;  jump next Option ;  else download and install it..!

Option 2

Visit the official website of your app developer to find whether the app suitable  your phone platform is available
Easy way  is to Search App name in Google Search; the first search result will be probably the official website link the app developing company.

This Option is always an ultimate solution to reach the download server of the app you need.
Sometime the popular App may not be available for your mobile OS Platform

Eg: For whatzapp visit  www.whatzapp.com

WhatzApp is not available for all Nokia Java Platform Phones.
In such cases jump to next  Option.

Option 3

Search the app in Google Search with its file extension

Eg:  Whatzapp.jar (for java phones),  Whatzapp.sis ( symbian phones) ,   Whatzapp.apk (for android)

As i mentioned Option 2 is the ultimate Option; the chances for success of this Option are less
In some cases a phone model similar to yours would support same apps.

Option 4

In case you are using a java phone try search with extension .jar and screen size 

Eg:  Whatzapp.jar 320 x 240,  Whatzapp.jar 240x320,   etc

Option 5

You can search for the app over third party app stores like
Mobile9 .com ,   Zedge.net , Discowap  or other such App serving websites.

By following , the above listed options definitely you will find a solution for  download the App you need.

It won't be difficult to find apps over popular mobile OS Platforms like Android , IOS etc
But it is quite difficult for some Nokia java Phones with different OS Platforms Editions like S40 , Asha Platform etc So for those the above options work well.

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