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Friday, September 13, 2013

Latest Karbonn A50 – A SmartPhone with a Soft Touch Prices below Rs.5000

Latest Karbonn A50 – A SmartPhone with a Soft Touch Prices below Rs.5000
Review on the Latest Karbonn A50.
Complete features and Specifications of new Karbonn A50 with Price details.
There is a predominance for the smart phones manufactured by foreign multinational companies in India where people have a penchant for purchasing some of the latest and most innovative smart phones with advanced features that a person would prefer to use. Almost every youngster, an elitist or a corporate business executive shows a keen preference for these smart phones produced by these multinational companies that are branded smart phones.

There is hardly any doubt that the Smartphones that are manufactured as foreign branded smartphones are available in the Indian market at an exorbitant price which can be ill afforded by a majority of the people in the country, yet when it comes to the state of the technology features that come along with the smart phone coupled with the efficient after sales service support, these smart phones are the choicest smart phones. It would be pertinent to mention that one of the major issues while buying smart phones is the pricing factor which has become a main irritant for the consumer.

Karbonn Mobiles that has turned out to be one of the premier companies in India engaged in the production of a broad spectrum of smart phones that have become the frontrunner in smart phone manufacturing companies in the country. One of the most popular smart phones brought about in the country by Karbonn Mobiles is their Titanium S-Series of smartphones.
Latest Karbonn A50 – A SmartPhone with a Soft Touch Prices below Rs.5000Latest Karbonn A50 – A SmartPhone with a Soft Touch Prices below Rs.5000

Karbonn A50 Smart Features:

The Karbonn A50 is a smart phone that has been launched by Karbonn Mobiles. Its a touch smart phone in a class of its own since it is a device that comes to the user with a vast array of advanced features. The Karbonn A50 is a smart phone that has been ingeniously designed around a Dual Core Snapdragon processor operating at a speed of 1 Giga Hertz that is responsible for its impressive and effortless performance. Being a Dual SIM smart phone, it provides the user with an ease of carrying a single hand set instead of two separate phones as it has the capability of supporting two SIMs.

The Karbonn A50 comes with a 3.2 inches capacitive touch screen display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels that assists the user in navigating through the various channels with effortless ease. A 3.0 Mega Pixel camera that comes with the smart phone to the user enables the user to capture some of the most memorable moments through this camera and store them in the smart phone which has a capacity of 32 GB external memory particularly multimedia files. A 1300 mAh battery provides the power to the Karbonn A50 smart phone and offers the user with a talk time of up to five hours and a standby time of 200 hours.
Operating System:

The Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System provides the smart phone user with an ease of access to a large variety of applications available on the smart phone. The Karbonn A50 smart phones support Wi-Fi and 2G networks that enable the user to access the internet through the large variety of platforms.

The Karbonn A50 price has been fixed at Rs. 4000 for a handset which is easily affordable by an average mobile phone user who is unable to afford some of the foreign branded smart phones. There is a marked difference between the price of a foreign branded smart phone and an indigenously manufactured phone and people in general have a preference for quality, features, durability and after sales service support apart from the pricing which forms one of the major issues when it comes to buying a smart phone in the market.


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