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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Set Up Free Gmail Mail-Box for Custom Website Domain Email IDs

How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs
Gmail is One of the most trusted and most widely use Email Service by Google, which is a free service, provided with and attractive mailbox with lots of features and lots of space, even space could be boosted by Google Drive. These attractive features are user friendly and ease of access and the most secure which correspondingly attract more users to it.

No other mail service available today has a challenging features compared to GMail even in the case of custom web domain email accounts too.

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Many of the Website Domain owners use their Domain name as the host name of their Email account for example

I use [email protected] as my email Id

Like wise majority if the website owners & Employers use their Company domain name as their Email host name.

Among these people some use this custom emails as forward ID to their own Gmail or Yahoo or other Emails , so when responding to any they have no other way than using their private email IDs.

Google Officially gives a Solution for this by Google Apps , which is a paid Service - where the customer can replace @gmail.com with their custom domain name like @InfoExpo.in 

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So here I am revealing another Trick to Set a Gmail Mail-Box for Your custom domain Email ID for Free


  • Gmail Account
  • Website Domain Ownership
References:Here I'm using [email protected] as my Gmail ID  [email protected] as my custom Domain Email ID

So follow the Kindly Steps

If you had already setup a Forward account to your private Gmail ID You can Skip the Step 1

Step 1
  • Go to Your Web Domain Setup Page  
  • Go to Email Setup > Create a Forward account to your Gmail ID

Here will create [email protected] email Id which is forwarded to [email protected]

Step 1 is finished

Now whenever anyone sends and Email to
[email protected] it will be received to the Gmail Inbox of [email protected]

Step 2
  • Open your Gmail Mail-Box
  • Go to Settings  >  Accounts Option
  • Click Add Another Email Address You Own 

How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs
  •  Now A window Will open
It will Contain Two Columns for filling name and Email address
to get a third column click Specify a Different Reply To Address
Now fill the three Columns As follows
  1. Enter Your Name you want to display ( eg; Sreeraj or Admin or author etc)
  2. Enter the Domain forward Email address created in step 1 ([email protected]  which i had created in step 1)
  3. Check mark treat as an Alias
  4. Fill Reply-to address with your Original Email Address (eg: [email protected])
  5. After Filling all the Three Click Next Step
How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs
  • Next Select Send though Gmail Option > Click next Step
In this Step You have to verify the ownership of your Website Domain name
  • Click Send Verification
How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs

 Google Will Send a verification code to your custom Email ID ( here [email protected]) it will be directly forwarded to your Gmail ID ( here [email protected])

So you can find the Verification code in you Gmail Inbox itself,

Go and Collect the verification code from your inbox and Verify the Domain name ownership

How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs

You are Done if Verified....!

Now See the Magic...........!

  • Go to to Compose An Email
There you can find Two Sender ID (From option)
  1. Your Gmail ID ( here [email protected])
  2. Custom Domain Email ( here [email protected])
How to SetUp Free Gmail MailBox for Custom Website Email IDs

You can use the Custom Email as Sender ID  when responding to Your clients who sends an Email to Your Custom Domain name Email ID , thus you don't need to disclose your Private Email ID

This the way to Create a Custom Gmail-box for Your Domain Email ID,
  • No need of Multiple Sign In for Checking Emails
  • No need to disclose private Email ID
  • No Need to pay for It
Like wise You can add many number of Email ID for the single Gmail Box, following the above steps , only you have to verify the ownership...!

Hope You are Clear also may have some queries, Just comment your queries or mail us - [email protected]

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