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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remotely Access and Control an Android Phone from any other Phones

Remotely Access and Control Your Android Phone from any other Phones

Android App for finding Lost Android Smartphone, For fetching contacts from another mobile phone, for fetching Call log- missed called remotely, for making silent mode phone to ringing, For tracking lost phone on Map.

Smartphones had become an important and unavoidable part of our daily life.
It plays a major role in everyday life , many of the calls and messages even cause many diversions to the day's plannings. For many users a day without a smartphone in hand is unimaginable. 
Sometime when we forget our smartphone at home , office or somewhere else or Lost it , it greatly causes a disturbance to us.

So here is a new Innovative Android App which greatly helps to find a solution in case of Forget - Lost - Theft of Smartphones.

This helps us to access and control our Smartphones Remotely from any other phone via SMS Commands.

Kerala based StartUp company Livares Technologies had introduced this innovative Android App named Phone Away

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 Phone Away


Phone Away is amazing Android App developed by Livares Technologies , which helps to access and control our phone if it is forget at home or lost it or Someone Steal It.

Key Specifications:

Call Log Filer

Phone Away Call Log Filer feature helps us to remotely access/fetch the call log of our smartphone from any other phone - we can fetch details on missed calls etc.
This Tool fetches the Call log details and deliver the details to our Email or alternate mobile number (via sms), So that we won't miss any missed calls even the phone is not with us.

Contact Fetcher

This tools helps us to fetch any contact in our Smartphone's contact book remotely. This tool fetch the details and deliver to our email or alternate
mobile number (via sms)

Remote Ringer Tools

This too helps to find our Smartphone which is in silent mode.
This too makes our smartphone to ring loudly even in the silent mode so that we can easily find the misplaced smartphone.

Locate Phone

This tool helps to track the location of our lost Phone. It will show the Current location of the lost smartphone on the map.

Remotely Access and Control Your Android Phone from any other Phones

Livares Technologies had just launched the first version of this app named Phone Away Beta which came with the above features, but the innovations are not going to get limited with this , the innovators are ready with and update of this Bea version which will be with quiet interesting innovative features..

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