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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Google Developer one time registration fee payment via Google Wallet using Indian Debit Cards

Google Developer one time registration fee payment via Google Wallet using Indian Debit Cards
In order to publish Chrome Apps to Chrome Store as well as Android Apps to Play Store , every publisher need to setup a Google Developer account.
In order to become a Developer, you need to firstly setup developer account by paying one time registration fee; i.e $5 for Chrome Developer and $25 for Android Developer respectively.

The payment is done through Google Wallet.
As payment transaction is done in US Dollars, all Indian Debit cards cannot be used for making this payment.
Even at the payment page of Google Wallet you can see the option Debit/Credit Card  - this is considered for US Developers.
If you try with your Indian Debit card you will get an error like Invalid Card.

Indians can make this transaction only by using a Credit card, since Indian Debit cards are limited for making transaction throughout India.
Transaction through Google Wallet is an international transaction, therefore a Credit Card is required for making the transaction.

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How to Get a Credit Card?

It is easy to get a Credit card from Indian Banks.
You need to have a fixed deposit on your account, which should be Rs.15,000 and above. This fixed deposit may vary for different banks accordingly.

Hope you find the article use full leave your doubts as comments.

After getting your Credit card you can make your Google Wallet transaction successfully. Thus make the one time registration fee payment and easily became a developer.

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