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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review on Cheap Yofroggy Domain Registration

Review on Cheap Yofroggy Domain Registration
Yofroggy is one of the new Domain Registration service provider in India.
Now a days you can see Yofroggy appears in all google ads well and first position in google searches. It appears as ad in first positions of google ads saying that domain names for cheap price Rs.79 - .com domains , free hosting etc.
Review on Cheap Yofroggy Domain Registration
A user in search of a domain names , he definitely go for the cheapest one, as he firstly see this cheap offer from Yofroggy, definitely he may go for it.

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But you have to be alerted there a lot of traps to fool you, Services providers offers cheap domains and fool you.
Cheap domains has less features,
Currently a .Com with all necessary features cost nearly 10$ (Rs.600)

But when your purchase the same domain for Rs.100 or around that range, that much features it will lack.

The same happens in case of Yofroggy, too less features for that cheap price.
Its really a trap, since Yofroggy is a new company - it has only less services.

They even don't have a good control panel.
Here is a screen shot of the panel and features they offer for  a domain name bought at  Rs.89

It provides only name servers features for a domain , no DNS setup is available, since they are new they don't have this facility.
So this domain can't be used for blogger blogs.
Since the purchase is for cheap price they don't provide private registration too.

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So if you are in search of new Domain name better not go for cheap and local services.

I recommend Bigrock , Which is India's #1 domain registration,
they also provide domains for Rs.100, dont go for it
use this coupen for Bigrock and make your best domain purchase.
They offer best customer support and services.
No hidden charges.

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Review on Cheap Yofroggy Domain Registration
Reviewed by SREERAJ MELATH on APRIL 05 2014
Rating: 4.9

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