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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boost Internet Download Speed and Completion rate on Android Devices

Boost Internet Download Speed and Completion rate on Android Devices
How to boost the Internet file download speed and boost the chances for successful downloads.
Internet file download is as usual one of the major task which every android internet user too make use of.
Where download speed is a key factor which every user wish to be the peak.
But it depends basically on connectivity and servers on which the files are hosted.

In an earlier post I had given a detailed tutorial on boosting connectivity to the best and getting a faster internet experience. If you had missed it read it too: Boost Internet Speed on Wireless USB Modem/ Smartphones

So here I'm with a solution for the next factor, Internet Servers on which download speed as well as completion rate depends.
Internet servers are the choice of the download file providers, the server speed depends on the choice of the these file providers.
If they had choosen the best paid server , you will get the best download experience and vice versa if they choose the cheapest.
The users have no role in making changes to server, 

Hence the only choice is depending upon cloud storage, Cloud storage services with best server provides the best download experience.

For Android devices UC Browser Mini provides Cloud download option.

When you click on any download link, UC Browser Mini opens a page showing two option : Direct Download and Cloud Download

By choosing cloud download , UC Browser will transfer the file to their Cloud Storage service i.e. UC UDisk , this transfer is executed within seconds and now you can download your file from the powerful UC server to your local disk.

Boost Internet Download Speed and Completion rate on Android Devices

Advantages of Using Cloud Download Option:
  • This provide the best download speed even if the server of the file providers is too slow.
  • Provides pause option for all file downloads.
  • File can be saved in UDisk for ever.
  • File can be access from any devices by logging into your UDisk account.
Cloud Storage includes two options :
  1. Permanent UDisk storage 
  2. Temporary files storage
Boost Internet Download Speed and Completion rate on Android Devices
Temporary file storage stores file for about 7 days, and the Permanent UDisk storage stores the file for ever.

Uc Browser Mini Android App  has a size of nearly 1MB

where as UC Browser for Android (size more than 10MB) does not have this option. So make sure you are using the Uc Browser Mini Android App.

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