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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Warranty for Online Shopping Products - Flipkart, Ebay, Amazon

Warranty for Online Shopping Products - Flipkart, Ebay, Amazon
How to get warranty for an online shopped product,
Tips for acquiring the warranty for mobile phones, laptops, electronic devices etc purchased from flipkart, ebay, amazon and other online shopping sites.

Now a days Online Shopping is becoming more popular, still many of the Internet users are refusing to use this amazing internet service. Users from urban areas had almost adopted online shopping service but the rural area people are still having a lot of concerns regarding online shopping service.

One of the most popular concern is Product Warranty.

The sellers on Online Shops provides warranty proofs, purchase bill etc.
But the newly born or less popular brands which are having less number of service centers are always burden for rural area customers, this boost their concern regarding acquiring of warranty.

So here I'm with a solution of this great concern or burden,

In case of Urban areas, the most local brands have their service centers nearby to the customers locality and those are easily reachable.

Where as in case of a rural area customer, suppose he had purchase a Pendrive worth Rs.600/ (10 US $ appro.) he may have to spend more than Rs.600 as travelling charge for getting his device repaired or replaced.
This is not practical and this thought definitely keep the rural area guy from the though of online shopping.

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A rural buyer have to think and move wisely, by following these steps:

Note: Before purchasing any products online read the reviews about that product...!
  1. If the you are going to purchase a product having warranty, kindly find in Google/ Product's website whether there is a nearby service centers.
  2. If there is you can directly reach by transport
  3. Else check for available service centers within your state or country which have the service option : Carry & Service
Carry & Service means you can sent your device to the service center by courier, Post or by any other means and get repaired or replaced.

Only you have to spend the initial sending charge of courier or post, which will be cheap within the country and cheaper within the state.

After receiving the online purchased product and ending of moneyback guarantee period, the role of your seller and shopping website is over.
There after no more need to contact them, in case of problems with your products you can contact your product's manufacturer by email, phone etc and locate the service centers through their official websites and get solved.

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