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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Control Brightness of Laptop Using Function Keys After Installing Windows 8.1

Control Brightness of Laptop Using Function Keys After Installing Windows 8.1
Laptop users commonly face a problem of failure of brightness control after upgrading their laptops which is already smoothly working on windows 7 to Windows 8 or latest Windows 8.1.
The brightness control either using the function keys or directly through desktop personalisation may not work due to problem with the drivers.
This brightness issue can be easily fixed by downloading and installing drivers for brightness control from your laptop manufacturers official support website.

Even if the installation of drivers suggested by your manufacturer doesn't solve your issue you don't need to avoid latest windows version and downgrade to old version, you can make use of the below trick to control your brightness using functions keys.
  • Try to Control brightness of laptop while your system is booting use functions keys to do that as usual.
  • If you does n't get enough time to set the right brightness level just enter to boot menu and adjust by using function keys.
  • Exit the boot menu without saving any changes, thats it.
This trick is successfully working on Dell Laptops, hope work for you too.

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