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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get Out Of Login Page Errors and Related Crashes on Flipkart Affiliate Website

Get Out Of Login Page Errors and Related Crashes on Flipkart Affiliate Website
Flipkart is the leading Shopping Website in India and Flipkart affiliate is also as famous and most used. Recently we used to face problem or crashes in some areas of Flipkart website; especially in Affiliate login webpage while keeping repeatedly visiting pages and generating reports finally it get inaccessible and not even can re-login.
Found the issue unsolved even after restarting the same browser, but the login page is available and same account was accessible when trying through another browser or through another user in same browser(multiple users in web-browser)

  • This crash or inaccessibility of the account was due an error with the cookies.
  • So by clearing the cookies on the browser the issue gets solved for the same flipkart account on the same browser.
  • No need to clear entire cookies of the Browser, clear only cookies of Flipkart.com
How to clear Cookies of Single website
  1. Enter the address in address bar and go
   2. Search for Flipkart

   3. Clear the Cookies of Flipkart webpages

The above tip is for clearing cookies in Google Chrome, in case of other browser(skip step-1) go to cookies in settings and continue step 2,3

This gets the issue solved, Hope this solved your issue too.
Leave comment or write to us for related queries.

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