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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Remove Babylon, Conduit, Other Search Engine Links from New tab in Mozilla Firefox

Remove Babylon, Conduit, Web Search Engine links from New tab in Mozilla Firefox
Sometimes unusually some unwanted Search engine or website links may enter into our Mozilla Firefox Browser, this may even become a great disturbance for our further internet browsing. This commonly comes with with free softwares and online installers. Most commonly free toolbar come with free softwares but its easy to remove a free toolbar by uninstalling the toolbar. But in some cases some unwanted Search engine or website links may enter into our home page and new tab page of our firefox browser.
Its easy to remove homepage direct from menu options but it quite difficult to remove the link from new tab.

So here is the Ultimate GIF Video tutorial to remove Unwanted default links from new tab of Firefox

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How to Remove Link from New Tab settings
  • First type about:config in address bar of firefox
  • Click I will carefull and i promise
  • Search for browser.newtab.url , Double click on it
  • Remove the unwanted url or replace with about:blank  or about:home
  • Click OK button now you are Done...!
     Note:  about:home - redirect to home page

               about:blank - redirect to blank page

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